Do I need to see a Sports Medicine Physician?

In general, you should consult an orthopedic doctor or sports medicine physician if you have any musculoskeletal symptoms that concern you. This may include joint pain or stiffness, muscle soreness, or inability to put weight on or comfortably use a limb. More specifically, seek professional care if your symptoms:

  • Gradually worsen or do not improve with self-care measures
  • Involve numbness, tingling sensations, or reduced coordination
  • Interfere with your ability to perform everyday activities
  • Involve a visible deformity or are severe in nature

Sports Medicine at Orthopaedic Specialists

You’ve sprained your ankle while playing pick-up soccer. Something is wrong with you knee after that last basketball game. Your elbow hasn't felt normal since you pitched at the baseball game last night. With these scenarios and more, where should you turn to for treatment? Many routine sports injuries can be treated at home using self-care measures like rest, ice therapy, compression, and over-the-counter medications, but some require more advanced care from a sports medicine physician. If you feel your injury warrants professional treatment, call us!

Don’t allow a sports injury to keep you sidelined. To schedule an appointment with a physician at one of our locations, contact Orthopaedic Specialists or take advantage of our online Request for an Appointment form. Our professionals will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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