Foot & Ankle Tendinitis

Tendinitis is a common condition that occurs when tendons – or the strong cords of fibrous tissue that connect muscles to bones – become inflamed. Tendinitis can affect many joints the body, including those in the feet and ankles. The most common symptoms of foot and ankle tendinitis include pain and occasional swelling during physical activity.

What causes foot and ankle tendinitis?

There are many factors that can spur the onset of foot and ankle tendinitis. Some cases can occur as a result of sudden trauma, such as a sports injury. The majority of cases, however, are due to gradual strain on the tendons from repeated motions, such as frequent pivoting, jumping, or running. The risk of developing tendinitis increases with age.

How is foot and ankle tendinitis treated?

If you are experiencing the symptoms of foot and ankle tendinitis, it’s important to stop any unnecessary physical activity and implement the R.I.C.E. protocol. This includes:

  • Rest – avoid putting any weight on the foot
  • Ice – soothe pain and swelling by placing an ice pack on the affected area
  • Compression – wrap your foot or ankle in an elastic bandage
  • Elevation – use a pillow to keep the affected foot above your heart and help reduce swelling

Once you are able to speak with a medical professional about your symptoms, he or she will likely recommend a regimen of conservative therapies to reduce discomfort and improve mobility. Rest is the primary form of treatment for foot and ankle tendinitis, but anti-inflammatory medication, physical therapy, and immobilization with a walking boot can help accelerate the healing process.

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