Fracture Treatment

If you’ve ever played a sport or have an active lifestyle, odds are, you’ve broken a bone. A bone fracture is a common injury that can require various types of treatments based on the location and extent of the break.

What Does Bone Fracture Treatment Involve?

Alignment and immobilization

Often, the first step of fracture treatment is to align the ends of the broken bone back into the proper position. This can be done through manipulation or surgery. To keep the bones in alignment and facilitate natural healing, immobilization with a cast, brace, plates and screws, or external fixators may then be used. Immobilization usually lasts about two to eight weeks depending on the severity of the injury.

Physical therapy

Physical therapy -- a strategic regimen of gentle exercises and conservative techniques -- is commonly used to restore mobility and strength once a broken bone has healed, particularly if the fracture occurred in or near a joint.


In some cases, surgery may be performed to treat soft tissue injuries around the broken bone and address visible deformities.

Bone fracture treatment at Orthopaedic Specialists

Orthopaedic Specialists in the Greater Pittsburgh Region is led by a team of board-certified orthopedic surgeons who provide bone fracture treatment using the latest advancements in care. Our acclaimed physicians cater to patients with simple and complex bone fractures from trips and falls, sports injuries, infections, osteoporosis, and other causes. And, with convenient locations east, west, north, and south of Pittsburgh, we make it simple to access world-class orthopedic care close to home. Contact Orthopaedic Specialists today to schedule an appointment.

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