Hand Surgery

The hands are complex structures that feature many small bones, connective tissues, and nerves that work together to facilitate motion and perform tasks. Because of this, a disorder or injury that affects one or both of your hands may require specialized care. But, is hand surgery necessary?

Do I Need Hand Surgery?

It’s important to note that only a physician can determine if you require hand surgery. However, some common scenarios where hand surgery may be appropriate include:

  • Treating carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Relieving severe wrist pain and stiffness
  • Addressing a cut, laceration, or sports injury to a hand or finger

Many patients are able to find relief from painful conditions or injuries with nonsurgical measures like physical therapy, immobilization, and occupational therapy. Be sure to consult with an orthopedic doctor if you have a hand condition that is not responding to conservative treatments.

Hand surgery at Orthopaedic Specialists

Hand surgery requires the expertise of a specially trained orthopedic surgeon. In the Greater Pittsburgh Region, the orthopedic center to turn to for hand surgery and other leading-edge treatments is Orthopaedic Specialists. Our practice includes nationally acclaimed, board-certified orthopedic surgeons with specialized training in hand surgery. Our team leverages advanced surgical techniques to achieve optimal results for our patients, who receive personalized and compassionate care from diagnosis through recovery.

Contact Orthopaedic Specialists today to schedule an appointment with a hand surgeon on our team. Or, reserve an appointment online at your convenience. With locations east, west, north, and south of Pittsburgh, we make it simple for local residents to receive world-class orthopedic care. Our practice is proud to be a member of the American Society for Surgery of the Hand (ASSH).


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